Students for single payer organizing meeting

December 18, 2010

Hello student leaders,
As many of you read in my first email below (and others have been referred by people who did), we at Health Care for All Philadelphia are trying to bring together medical and health professional students from all the schools in Philly to advocate for a single payer health care system.
We will be meeting at 3PM in the Hamilton Building at Jefferson Medical College TODAY Saturday Dec. 18th to brainstorm and set an agenda for the coming year, including hopefully: an single payer education event at each school in early 2011 and a trip to Vermont to join hundreds of other meds student stating ‘single payer is what we want for our future.’
Please come if you can and let me know if you are interested in joining (and helping to lead!) this effort, but cannot make this meeting. (I understand this is very last minute notice for many of you, but wanted to include as many people as possible on the notice.)
The address for Hamilton is 1001 Locust Street. We will gather in the lobby.  Call me at 203 668 6669 if you need further directions.  Jen


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