Organizing for Single-Payer Health Care in the Philadelphia Region

Health Care for All Philadelphia is a coalition of health professionals and activists dedicated to achieving a publicly financed, single payer health plan that provides one standard of cost-effective, high quality care for all people.


New location for Health Care meeting

Please note a change of location for the general meeting which is moving to Temple Hospital, Broad and Tioga, 5 Parkinson, Room 525., 7- 9 PM, 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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Mailing party

Coming this Tuesday, March 11, we are going to have a mailing party for our annual fundraiser. If you are interested, please join us at the Community College of Philadelphia, Business Building, 18th and Callowhill St. Meet in the lobby. 7 PM.

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Who supports single payer?

The gubernatorial candidates have been asked about their position on single payer. Our current information shows the following supporters of single payer:
John Hanger (D)
Max Myers (D)
Tom Wolf (D) studying it

Paul Glover (Green)

Opposed to single payer:
Allyson Schwartz (D)
JoEllen Litz (D)
Rob McCord (D)
Katie McGinty (D)
Tom Corbett (R)

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No meeting tonight, Dec. 10

Because of the snow, we have decided to cancel the face to face meeting tonight. There will be instead a conference call. Those interested should email me at for details. Walter

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