Action Center

Single Payer RallyHow can you help advance single payer health care? You can begin by informing yourself about single payer. Learn as much as you can. Read newspaper articles about the failure of our current health care system and then ask yourself how this could be remedied by a single payer method of financing health care. Single payer or a variation of single payer is used by virtually all other countries that have managed to control their health care costs and still provide true universal health care for all.

You can read more about single payer at Healthcare-NOW!, Single Payer Action or at Physicians for a National Health Program. At the state level, you can join Health Care for All Pennsylvania. All welcome your active participation and donations.

And of course, you can join us, Health Care for All Philadelphia. We meet monthly in Philadelphia where we share information and plan action and education events in order to help advance our goal of a decent health care system for all Americans through a single payer model.