Healthcare for All Joins the People’s Speak Out on Healthcare

August 31, 2017

On August 31st, Healthcare for All Philadelphia participated in the People’s Speak Out on Healthcare, an event hosted by local Mobilizer Steve Paul from Councilwoman Helen Gym’s office.

Local members of the ward shared their healthcare stories and concerns over rising pharmaceutical costs, expensive premiums, and changes to their coverage under the Trump administration.

Congressman Dwight Evans and State Senator Sharif discussed the political possibilities opened up by renewed interested in Medicare for All and single payer in the wake of the Sanders campaign.

Dr. Walter Tsou from Healthcare for All closed out the meeting with a presentation on why now is the time to solve the American healthcare crises with a single payer system.


Participants in the People’s Speak Out writing postcards to their state representatives urging their support for House Bill 1688 and a single payer system for Pennsylvania.



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